• Lighting Placement

    We create artist-designed lights appropriate for interior & exterior use. We have designed lights for both commercial & residential applications. They enhance the environment of any space, indoors or out. Please specify indoor or outdoor location when ordering.


  • Cleaning

    To keep your Santa Fe Metal Design lights looking new, we recommend cleaning them regularly of dust & debris with a soft clean cloth. For stubborn debris, use a damp soft clean cloth. The finish, while suitable and safe for outdoors, should not be exposed to caustic cleaning agents.


  • Light Bulbs

    We use a medium 120V base in our lights. You may use up to a 150 Watt incandescent bulb (TYPE A for interior or PAR23 for exterior). Many energy saving bulbs (LED & Fluorescent) bulbs, will fit into this medium base socket.

  • Materials

    Our lights are made with tin, zinc, steel, or copper. Many designs are constructed with naturally occurring mica that is fabricated with a shellac binder. We use high quality UV protected coatings that will last for many years in most environments. Caustic environments require special care. Please advise us of this upon ordering.

  • Safety

    Please specify if your lighting fixtures are to be used outdoors or indoors. We will install appropriate sockets for the application. If requested, we can attach a removable plexi-glass cap to protect the fixture from rain and snow. The patina and finish of the light is safe for exterior use under most conditions. Please adhere to all electrical safety guidelines when interacting with live electrical wiring. Consult with a licensed electrical contractor for all installation and maintenance issues.

  • Dark Sky Communities

    Many communities have restrictions as to how exterior fixtures radiate light. Often, light is not allowed to radiate upwards for light-pollution measures. We can accommodate this by fabricating a solid cap placed on the top the fixture. Please advise upon ordering if this is something your require.

  • UL Listing

    Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent, not-for-profit product safety certification organization that has been testing products and writing Standards for Safety for over a century. Our lights are tested and approved by UL. You can learn more about UL Listing at Underwriters Laboratories.

  • Patina Choices

    Please look at our patina selections. All patinas are hand applied and therefore each piece will have its own unique character. Therefore, no two lights will look absolutely identical.

  • Installation

    Santa Fe Metal Design does not install lights for customers. We recommend hiring a licensed electrician from your community to install our lights properly. Our lights are designed to work with most commercially available electrical boxes. If you have unique electrical issues, please contact us for assistance.

  • Custom Orders

    Because Santa Fe Metal Design is a small artist-run studio, we are happy to accommodate custom orders and sizing. Please call us at 505.438.3857 to discuss placing your custom order today.

  • Payment

    We can accept payment via Paypal or personal check. Our policy is to receive full payment prior to order processing.



  • Shipping

    Shipping is charged based on a sliding scale that varies according to size & weight. Shipping usually is approximately 10% of the total cost of the order. If there are any extenuating circumstances, we will convey them to the customer.

  • Order Time Frames

    We strive to process your order in a timely manner. Each order is custom made for each client. Your order will typically be fabricated and shipped out to you within 8 weeks from inception. In many cases, it will be sooner. Please inquire as to our processing times. Your happiness and enjoyment is of paramount importance.